Dienstag, 13. März 2018


Ze Fucking Best Shit with Ze Fucking most Stylish Crew !

Mittwoch, 28. Februar 2018

Just Wow

one of the most hated skaters is pulling one of the hardest parts ever...
crazy skateboardworld

Leipzig Aussendienst im Einsatz

inkl. Homeshizzle aus MZ - Motorazzor Brutalissm

Bonkerz Zweier in Marseille

Humuspeitsche & Slappygewitter in le Baguette!
Killer Track
Nice Stylshots
Spots looking baws

Donnerstag, 8. Februar 2018

Patriot Shizzel

Of Course we Got some mad vibe in RhineMineCountry ThisWhizzle - here you go with ze best of South/East/noth/west side

Tom W. With some FFM Circus BoomBallerMoves and also ThunderFlatStorms

Also Check Out Frafimi Webshop - Best Shit out there this times in Germany (my opinion...don´t care about others)

then here we go with our own Barca Video (of course we use this blog for our own commercials....
wen went to barca for 2 or 3 times (can´t rememer)...the footage ripped on ze harddrive so i decided to mix it all up....have fun if you can watch 15 min of skateboarding (in times of ze instagame)


MZ Skate 2017 from seb to the izzo on Vimeo.

Of Course ze bozz of the cioty edited an best of 2K17 - have fun! WildStyleMix - only DAS IST SKATE

New Year Long No See öhhh jaaa

So i Got Holidays 4 like 2 Month...did not care about Skateboardshit (just this Instahustle na i mean)....Whatever - best of January/February Clips Posts...In Times nobody bats an eye for clips and everybody forgets about footage after 24 h here you go with a best of the last two month of international clip Shit...

Old but Gold

Ze Wizzard of Skate


Quaddra Supply - without a doubt ze best video this year...catapulting ze brasilians back to the international screen - booyaka

EastCoast This n That


FTC Pulling Triggers

Just another GX Suicide Clip!!!